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To Whom It May Concern

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have worked collaboratively with Rick Tomljenovic and Ken Edwards of Tristar Hotel Management Company on one of the most successful and unique projects in the Phoenix area; the Fort McDowell Radisson Hotel. Following its grand opening in 2005, the hotel was the proud recipient of the of the AAA's Four Diamond award." This great accomplishment can be directly attributed to the diligence, knowledge, experience and qualified staff of the TriStar team.

Your collaborative efforts with the architectural team, the Enterprise Board, Carlson Hotels and the general contractor resulted in a winning project for the owners, and as the designer of the project; I am extremely pleased with the outcome. The goals of the project were met and exceeded due to TriStar’s attention to detail, knowledge and understanding of hotel operations and the importance of the sales and marketing adapting to the Native American culture. In addition, your input and support during the entire design process was invaluable. Your understanding and expertise of the operational side of the hotel business greatly influenced the overall design of the building core; resulting in an efficient, cost effective facility.

TriStar’s reputation as a leading management firm in the region is well known. The firm’s methodology, quality of services and project delivery has much to so with the success of Fort McDowell. As the CEO and partner of Tucker Sadler Architects, Inc., I am hopeful that we will do more projects with TriStar.


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