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To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to express my very high regard for the outstanding professional skill of the Tristar Hotel Group

I was acting as the court-appointed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Trustee, when it became apparent that a virtually immediate change needed to be made in the management of 10 motels that were the property of the bankruptcy estate.

For the reasons set forth below, the change was certain to be difficult:

  1. The debtor was in possession of the properties and was solely responsible for their management. The transfer of authority to Tristar would be unexpected and unwelcome.
  2. The properties were located in five different cities in two states.
  3. There were three major national brands involved.
  4. Two of the properties were in default, each with a different major national brand.
  5. There were extensive deferred maintenance problems on both independent and branded properties.
  6. Due to the circumstances, there would be almost no lead time.

Tristar did what, at the outset, had seemed nearly impossible.

  1. They quickly gained a deep and detailed understanding of the portfolio and kept me closely informed of their progress. This enabled me to speak with confidence when advising the Court and the major creditors of the financial and physical condition of the properties.
  2. Due to their knowledge of the industry and their credibility with the executives at the major national brands, they were able to bring the defaulting properties out of default status.
  3. They were able to perform extensive deferred maintenance by doing so in u focused and prioritized manner.
  4. They upgraded the quality of the staff, while managing to avoid the loss of significant numbers of existing staff.
  5. Despite the difficult circumstances and the substantial deferred maintenance expenditures, Tristar increased the net operating income by 35.6% during the approximately eighteen months they managed these properties.

In short, Tristar did an outstanding job; I would use them again; and I recommend them highly.


Anthony H. Mason
Bankruptcy Trustee

Viad Corporate Center • 1850 North Central Avenue • Suite 930 • Phoenix. Arizona 85004
(602) 808-7770 • FAX (602) 808-7763