Each hotel operated by Tristar Hotel Management Company is tailored to suit the specific needs of its region and its ownership group. The property is positioned in its market with the right program and personnel to establish the hotel as the dominant player of that market, thus attaining the greatest market share and the highest return on shareholder investment.

Our team members have an entrepreneurial management style, one that fosters creativity, productivity and effective operations, all of which result in increasing profits. It is our belief that well trained people, given the best suited product, will generate the greatest returns on investment.

Tristar Hotel Group is a hotel management, development, and consulting company structured around the ability to provide a wide-range of hotel management solutions to a hotel and its ownership group. We understand an owner's need to maintain control and oversight of the asset, and we know that each Hotel often requires a specific level of management assistance to ensure its success. That is why we customize our services to meet your needs. Tristar is able to provide:

  1. Complete Hotel Management
  2. Hotel Consulting
  3. Sales & Marketing
  4. Accounting Services
  5. Asset Management
  6. Hotel Receivership Management
  7. Guest Service Training

In today's fast-paced and dynamic hotel climate, only those with the best tools, experience, and highly trained staff will succeed. If you are looking for a company to deliver everything you need to make your Hotel prosper, you need not look any further...Tristar Hotel Group is your solution!

What we do...

Tristar in the news...

February 24: IBC Hotels has established a strategic partnership with Tristar, enabling IBC Hotel Members to access over 60 Hospitality Education & Training Programs whith their product at HMBookstore.com.

April 2 & 3: Tristar executives will attend the Choice International Owners Conference, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

April 2013: Rick Tomljenovic will be attending HI CONNECT Design 2013 in Nashville in April at the Opryland Hotel. Rick will be a reoccurring featured panelist on the "Real Owners Real Stories" panel at this premier one of a kind Design Hotel Interactive Inc event.

March 5, 2013: HMBookstore.com is proud to announce that it has surpassed the 4,000-book plateau of book purchases by University Students across the country

February 22 & 23: Ken Edwards and Rick Tomljenovic went to Las Vegas to meet with several UNLV hospitality Professors to discuss HMbookstore and an alliance with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

February 12 and February 19: Rick Tomljenoivc and Ken Edwards attended, were sponsors, and participated in a vendor speed-dating event with the attendees at the AAHOA Town Hall meeting in Phoenix, Arizona on February 12. Additionally, Ken Edwards was a sponsor and presented at the AAHOA Town Hall Meeting in Tucson, Arizona on February 19 to discuss the importance of training in the hospitality industry.

February 12, 2013: Hmbookstore, a leader in Hospitality training, was approved by the AAHOA Educational Committee as a preferred hospitality-training program for all of its members.

January 31, 2013: Ken Edwards and Rick Tomjlenovic attended the Western Regional CHRIE meeting at Metro State University in Denver. During this two-day event they participated in several sessions to discuss current trends in the Hospitality industry and interacted with leading professors from leading Hotel Schools across the country.

December 2012: During the BITAC Owners Conference in Dana Point Rick Tomljenovic, partner of Tristar, participated on the " Magnificent Management Panel " discussing the need for top-flight management during these still difficult economic times.

October 2012: Ken Edwards and Rick Tomljenovic attended the Arizona Lodging Conference and met with leading hotel consultants to discuss the "future of the hospitality business."

October 2012: Ken Edwards, Rachel Edwards and their IHG GM's spent 4 days in Orlando, Florida at the IHG Owners Conference. Rachel Edwards a second-generation hotel owner, was nominated and confirmed to be on the IHG Emerging Leaders Council.

July 2012: Owners Ken Edwards and Rick Tomljenovic met with the host of the new hit show 'Hotel Impossible' Anthony Melchiorri at the recent HITEC conference in Baltimore, Maryland to discuss HMBookstore.com.

July 2012: We have recently partnered with the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) and had close to 100 students complete E-Books through HMBookstore.com during the summer session.

July 2012: Owners Ken Edwards and Rick Tomljenovic attend CHRIE conference in Providence, Rhode Island.

July 2012: Created by well-respected Hotel Management Professionals in collaboration with UNLV, HMBookstore.com was successfully launched with E-Books for hotel owners, operators, employees and students.

January 2012: Tristar hotel owners Ken Edwards and Rick Tomljenovic were keynote speakers at the CHRIE conference (Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education) at UNLV in January.

December 2011: TriStar will be panelists on the upcoming BITAC conference in Boca Raton, Florida.

August 2011: Hotel Management Online (hmbookstore.com) has again peaked the interest of others. This time as far away as China. HMonline is currently working with China for possible web based training. This training covers over 57 different industry positions written by hotel operators working in today's hotel environment. HMonline helps to create consistency in high-quality guest service across all positions and departments.

July 2011: Ken Edwards CEO of TriStar spent two weeks with IAHI chairmen Bill DeForrest in Scottland discussing the industry.